Money has always been a men’s business!!

Scene 1:

One afternoon, I was sitting with my parents having a usual conversation. Suddenly the topic of family property, it’s distribution among the siblings and all came. It was a usual chat nothing to worry about. During the conversation, my father decided how he will divide his wealth among my two brothers and get me married. I was wondering why he is only worried about getting me married and not counting me with my brothers for the property divide. I just asked not thinking much, what will you give to me. He smiled and just said we will get you married. I was like will you not get my brothers married!!!

I am the most brilliant in the family and have a job and earn for myself. I too buy things for my mom, dad, and family more than my brothers do. It was the day till when I thought that for my mother and father I am the same as my brothers and they do not do any differences between a girl and a boy.

At some point in time after thinking a lot, I convinced myself that this may be because they give a lot of dowries which can be considered as a part of the property (maybe!!). Then how will you defend force-less dowry being wrong practice?? Don’t know still thinking. Maybe it is the share of the boy to which she gets married from his parental property which is her money.

Scene 2:

My mother wanted to buy some clothes, so she asked my father for money. Instead of giving it to her, he started scolding her why she didn’t bring any money from her parents. It is his money. She is just a waste and wastes money. To this my mother never replies. She just kept quiet.

My mother is the most educated among her generation. Even more educated than my father. But she wasn’t allowed to job due to family pressure and responsibilities. Had she was allowed to do a job, things would have been very different.

This took me back to my previous perception, will the property of the boy I will get married to be mine??? Will the property of my father is mine?? Will my mother’s property……. oh sorry!! she don’t even have of her own. Whose property is mine.

The conclusion is that for a boy his father’s money is his money. His wife’s father’s money is his money (in the form of dowry). The money his wife earns is mostly his money. The money he earns is definitely his money. But, for a girl, there might be some possibility that some part of the money she has earned (if she has earned) is her money if her husband permits.

Note: In the current time, however, things are changing and should change. The article is not meant to hurt anyone. Just a perception that used to belong for some sections at some point in time.

The Mind is the controller.

The worst time is when nothing around you is in your control anymore. You feel what you don’t want to feel. You lose what you don’t want to lose. You start feeling helpless, loser and defeated. Everything seems against you and you just want to give up. But is that really happening what you think.

The thing is you never controlled and you never need to control anything. The only thing you need to focus on and control is your mind. It is your mind which is making you feel like this. If you can conquer and control your mind, you are free from all the anxiety. You need to control your mind rather being controlled by it.

The question is whether it is as easy as writing about it in a post.?????

Hello there!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Since this is my first blog, I was thinking what it should be about. Well, the wordpress gave me the suggestion to introduce yourself first. So, here it is.

I am a thinker or over thinker. I am an individual whose life is in a transition stage from a lot of known old worlds to many new completely different worlds. In this transition stage, I came to realize a lot of tough and easy realities of life. I realized the world is a completely different place from what I used to think it is. I see things. I observe. I try to understand. I think about them. Some of them are right and some are wrong.

Most of the times, I have a different perspective about every subject. I just wonder whether I should fight for what I think is wrong and make the change or just accept thinking I might also be wrong sometimes.

In conclusion, I think a lot. So, I just thought why not just write whatever I think and see are there people like me who agree with me or what other different opinions are there in the world.

And hence,

here I am!!

What is my permanent address??

I am a young unmarried Indian girl. My Adhaar Card (ID) had an old address of my grand-parents since it was made when my family had only that as our permanent residence. Now, my grand-parents are passed-away and my father got a house of his own in a different city.

One day my father asked me to change his address of permanent residence to the new one. I said fine and started searching about the procedure to change the address. Then I thought why not I too update my address in the ID. But, here comes the twist. I don’t know what my permanent address is.

When I will be married my father’s home will not be my home. So, my father’s house is not my permanent address. When I will go to my husband’s house, it will be my in-law’s house. Hence, my husband home is also not my permanent address. In case I will be living in a different city with my husband where we work, that will be a temporary rented apartment. Again, the rented house is not my permanent address.

What is my permanent address of residence???

At the end, I got it. It was my grand-parents home because that was the only time when I didn’t have to think twice about my permanent address. After this I never thought of changing my permanent address.

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